Vanmarter Studio #3


VanMarter Photography Studio is owned and operated by Robert VanMarter. Robert has been in the field of photography for over 25  years.  Annual reports,  capabilities brochures, posters, corporate editorials, magazines, billboards etc., are where VanMarter Images appear. Work is both architectural and product photography. Robert’s forte’ is image enhancement and image manipulation, with a penchant for the reflective and the transparent, as products in the studio.

Client List includes: Ciba-Geigy, General Motors Corporation, Buick, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, K-Mart, Williams International, National Geographic, Huntsman, Lamborghini, Bosch, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Ford Motor Company, Eclipse Aviation, Lucas Oil, Sears, Lear Corporation,  etc.

Along with certain skills and developed techniques, many products are photographed “in space.”  That is, they are not on any particular background, but are suspended. This technique allows for perfect and precise lighting of each, individual aspect of the subject. Many of the backgrounds are computer generated, whether in the studio or in architecture, to echo the style of the product or properties.